What CDWF Doesn't Know



Where the screen cleaner is. demon.service passim. Although, there is some thought that perhaps he knows now.
What planet Richard M Stallman is on. Does anybody, after hearing That Song?
Where Paul Harrington is. A posting in demon.service (archived)
Which Linux distribution to install (The correct answer is obvious). A mail I have archived.
Where Sleaford Street in Cambridge is. I have a statement that on the 21st Feb 2000, at 20:15 GMT CDWF verbally admitted this.
Clive didn't know of any London Underground stations where interchange facilities have been withdrawn apart from Charing Cross, until other people told him. A series of posts in uk.railway; Clive's original posting (archived) and John Rowland's reply (archived).
If one can break one's train journey or change trains when one has a railway ticket that is valid only on a direct or through train See his posting in uk.railway on google, (or my archived copy.)
He wasn't aware that airports video outgoing aircraft. A mail I have archived.
He has forgotten why the occasional track register corruption in the BBC disc controller wasn't a problem. PGP signed mail in my possesion.
How some of London's Night Bus routes work A post in the newsgroup uk.transport.london (available from google or a locally archived copy).
Clive doesn't know how old "th" is (as a sequence of letters representing the sound /th/). An archived email
Clive doesn't know what his alleged agenda is. A posting in demon.service, which Google has archived. My agenda, however, is all too obvious.
Why the trip cock tester light is sometimes white and sometimes purple on London Underground. See his posting in uk.transport.london on google, (or my archived copy.)
If the central line is running ATO. He thinks it isn't (2001-08-28 copy). Lots of other people think that the central line is using ATO.
Which files contain static name to IP address mappings. It's not resolv.conf or names.dat! Information recieved from my spies
What the Mysterious portal on the Circle is See link, left, or my archived copy
The contents of the mysterious 'footnote 34'. You can read the publicly archived admission of guilt.
He does not know where the mailing list that dares not speak its name lives. I have an email.
He does not know which airport in the USA has the approach points ITAWT ITAWA PUDYE TTATT (with the missed approach turn point of IDEED). A posting in uk.transport.london (archived).
He didn't know that the TRRL had become the TRL A posting in uk.transport.london (archived).
According to an pair of Ex-Demonites, Clive was once asked why there were two left-handed, and two right-handed line diagrams on the Northern Line (I guess for 1972 tube stock). It was apparently to make space for the knob that operated the vents.
Clive didn't know what GSM stands for. There are a large number of meanings (I don't think gay skinhead movement was what was meant though).
Clive didn't know that Marshall's airfield in Cambridge was rated for 747s Read the thread in google
Clive thought that a 3 car unit of '95 tube stock could operate a shuttle between Mill Hill East & Finchley Central. They can't. Here's his claim (also via google) which is refuted in many places.
Clive doesn't know which stations on the Underground do not have station starters. Read the thread on Google
Clive doesn't know anything about DNS notify messages. A helpful spy.
Clive does not know about Rule 34 A discussion on a mailing list.

Then again, I'm not CDWF, so I might be talking bollocks
My thanks to all my faithful spies. Fly, my pretties, fly!

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