This document outlines the privacy policy used when processing data collected about you as a result of your visiting the web site, and other web sites in the domain. This policy may change from time to time without specific notice, so please check regularly.

What information is collected about me when I visit the site?

Each time you connect to the web sites, web server logs are stored; these logs contain the IP address of the computer that contacted the server (this is usually your IP address, but may be the IP address of the proxy and/or cache that contacted this server on your behalf); whether the page request was successful or not; and certain other information supplied to the server by your browser, including what page was requested; how the browser identifies itself; and what the browser claims referred it to this page.

What is done with this information?

The data may be analysed for statistical purposes; this is to help me understand which areas of the site are of particular interest and which pages are being requested which no longer exist. It also gives me an indication of the number of hits and page requests I get.

The data may also be passed to third parties (see below).

How long do I keep this information?

The information is kept indefinitely.

Who do you share the web access log information with?

I share the data with anyone whom I think will find it amusing; this may include such data being published on this web site, or published in any other way. I may also share any data with anyone who presents me with a court order demanding it.

Who can I contact about this privacy statement?

Any questions about this privacy policy should be sent via email to

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